Monday, 13 May 2013

Game:Bloggger Challenge

hmm, since i had been tagged by this cute blogger, well this is for you SYASYA HUSNINA. thanks for tagging me.

  • Write 11 things about you 
  • Answer 11 question the tagger have set for you 
  • Create 11 question for those you want to tag 
  • Choose 11 blogger to be tagged and link them the post
  • You're not allowed to tag back

1. my blood type is A+ and i was born in March
2. I loves rain so much but i'm afraid of thunder and storm
3. I am phobia with 'Ferris wheel' because had a bad experience during my childhood
4. I am afraid of height. Yup, i feel dizzy even when looking down from fifth floor room
5. I am so addicted to carrot juice and ice lemon tea
6. I prefer tomyam and chicken soup rather than those western food
7. I prefer ice cream rather than cakes on my birthday. i can only eat a slice then i will feel 'muak'
8. I prefer to spend my money on books rather than clothes. bookstore is like a heaven for me
9. I can drive a car but not a motorcycle. My mom and dad won't allow me to take motorcycle's license
10. I prefer shopping alone and i don't like watching movies in the cinema
11. I loves to eat and eat but please, no mamak stall/restaurant. Just a clean and affordable malay restaurant


1. Umur awak? - hi, i am twenty-one
2. Orang yang paling awak sayang? -Allah-> Prophet Muhammad->parents->le family->le friends
3. Awak suka warna apa? -i want to write soft blue but my things mostly are pink. confuse 
4. Pandangan tentang blog syasya? -i loves your background and it's colourfull!!
5. Sejak bila ada blog? -dah lama, since 2010 but recently i make a new blog. yup the one that you tagged me
6. Kenapa awak nak ada blog? -because i always write my thoughts in my notebook but i lost it. :(
7. Anak yg keberapa? -the forth from six siblings
8. Berapa lama bersiap utk keluar? -paling lama setengah jam, paling kejap 5 minit. it's true.
9. Rajin tolong mak dekat dapur? -tak. *jujur ni* usually my mom will call me when the dinner is ready
10. Update berapa entri dalam sehari? -one, but depends on my mood
11. Berapa jam menghadap lappy? -if i watch korean drama, it takes 6 hours non-stop to finish the whole drama.

Sorry because i'm not going to tagged anyone and not follows the rules number 3,4 and 5. erm, i should add one more things about me, which is.. 'i only follow the rules when i want, usually rules are made to be broken.'  yahhh...say peace!!!

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