Sunday, 12 May 2013

One Fine Day


Second test is over and there's a lot of things to do next..

two days 'bermandi hujan' and the fever is near me..

being me is easy but deeply complicated..

sometimes me being too childish, and sometimes i'm like the one who got many problems to be solved, and sometimes i'm the nerdy one who u should not speak with..yet being very funny person is soo very not me. what i can tell you is i am a less-talk person and i prefer to be alone, but if you have anything to talk with, i'm the best person to lend my ear. (except for the mumbling about nonsense crappy things)

duhh, my mood is not stable yet being woman is very emotional.

i'm hardly be understand by people and maybe that's why i carelessly thinking about other's feeling.

sometimes i want to be loved, but sometimes i thinks that love are not easily to cope with.

being me is not easy as i don't love the people who love me, yet i'm still waiting this one person to loved me back. one-sided love?? nahhh i don't think so. Deeply inside my heart, i believe he will fall for me..

yup, that's may be one fine day.

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