Friday, 15 November 2013

Wake me up

Im currently stick on my bed..
Malas nak banguun..
Yeah its friday and I dont have kan, cuti tiga hari, jumaat sabtu ahad.
Tapi biasalah bila lecturer nak buat kelas ganti, they will choose friday sesuka hati sebab know that we olls free on that day.
So im hungry...tapi malas nak bangun mandi, jalan ke toilet dan blablabla...
Can just somebody prepare for me a bath tub with warm and bubbly. Shower cream..with full of roses and lavender..then, they prepare my breakfast.. Salmon grilled with salad.. With an apple juice..
Heyy, wake up! Stop dreaming!
=.= "ok ok nak bangunlah ni*
*lipat selimut*

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