Saturday, 23 April 2016

Over The Past Year

Peace be upon you!

It has been almost 7 months i did not post anything in my diary's blog and i even forgot which email i used to sign in to blogger! To be truth, i have 4 active emails, one used for working office, one is for official use, one is for nonofficial use and the last one is for my blog. Since it has been so long, suddenly i want to write something here. At least i could share my life (to myself) and do some reflection.

Practically, i will try use all-in-English writing today because i always wanted to do so. I would be glad if someone could correct my sentences or grammar.

Let's look back on what i have achieved so far.

March until May 2015 : Completing my teaching practicum in my 4th year. Seniors rock the year!

April until July 2015 : Working with my dad in his convenient/grocery store. Still money-less because i did not get any pay because i want to help him as a daughter. I am also being a full-time job hunter at that time by looking through internet, newspaper and advertisements. I filled up almost all job that i can apply using my degree qualification.

August 2015 : Doing part time job as a nursery assistant. Working with babies and kids. Suddenly i got a call from a company in Petaling Jaya. Can't wait to survive n KL!

September 2015 : Got the job as marketing cum administrative executive in a training company. My boss is a chinese lady and my colleagues are one chinese and two malay ladies. We are all iron ladies in the company. Eventhough this job is not suitable with my qualification (which mine is science education), but i am willing to take the risk and challenge. I am totally blessed because i have learned a lot of new things here.

i lived in Kota Damansara with an aunt and travelled almost 1 hour everyday to go to my office in Kelana Jaya. The things that i hate about KL is the traffic jammed, tolls and pay parking. Then i tried to rent a room nearby my office but i can't stand with my own roommate so i moved back to Kota Damansara. I am the person who willing to lived far away as long as i am comfortable and could live in peace.

How about my works? Basically i'm enjoy it because i could travel to a lot of places and met a lot of people. It's a new things for a fresh graduate like me at that time. I never thought that i could met big boss/CEO to a company and being involved in the business area. I even need to study a lot of terminologies used in banking industries.

November 2015 : 2nd November should be my convocation day but suddenly i got an interview call from a university for a teacher/lecturer post on the same date. This is the job that actually suits with my qualification! So i decided to go to the interview in the morning and rushing for my convocation in the evening. 

Unfortunately, on my way to the university, my car's tire was punctured. I had 15 minutes more before the interview began. I am so dead because i was alone at that time! I called the person in charge for the interview and asked her if i could attend the interview a bit late. I put my trust in Allah and said to myself "Allah knows best. if the work was not my sustenance, then I'm pleased with Allah's provision". I could just keep recite du'a at that time while looking for a help. I walked quite a bit far and found a workshop. A guy helped me to change the spare tire and i gave him a little tip for his kindness.

I was able to proceed with the interview and also attend my convocation session on that day. I was so blessed on that day!

You know, Allah is the best Planner and He knows what will be the best for us. After two weeks, i got a call from the university and i was accepted to become one of the academic staff there!

So next post will be my exciting journey as a physics teacher/lecturer in the university. 

Peace. Ciao!

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